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Together, with the community

We get involved in the community to which we belong because we know that a solid company needs dedicated people and long-term relationships.

We encourage excellence and talented children, winners who manage to overcome the toughest obstacles. We find in the stories of those who always seek success, and this motivates us to carry on our approach.

We keep up with the new trends in technology, constantly investing in both new services with added value for customers and the development and improvement of those who represent us, couriers who care that all deliveries arrive in the best conditions at the destination.

Investments in IT in recent years, larger, modern local offices, training and fleet renewal helped facilitate the process of sorting, transport and forwarding, placing FAN Courier among the most modern domestic companies.

We have national coverage of 100%, 125 branches throughout the country and a fleet of over 3,700 vehicles, always ready to reach any point in Romania in a short time.
Year after year, the number of localities included without additional kilometers increases, our shipping services being available both nationally and internationally through strong partnerships.

E-commerce Solutions

As a way to connect the world through logistics and transportation services we offer e-commerce solutions that assist start-ups and established businesses in supply chain management, technical support, and more.  

With partners such as ShopGo and Martjack we can provide advanced online retail platforms, and ease in website maintenance.  

Design your online storefront, update online catalogues, and manage orders and payments. Once your online platform is complete and customers begin to make purchases, we will deliver your online orders both domestically and internationally.  

In an effort to get your packages out seamlessly and uniformly, using the latest technology, we provide everything from storage of your products to order fulfillment through effective supply chain management.  

Delux Delivery E-commerce solutions are tailored to suit your customers’ needs as well as the size of your business.

I Want To Start Selling Online, I Need The Full Package.

Delux Delivery offers you a solution that enables you to sell your products online, conveniently and reliably. You can benefit from advanced platforms to set up your online stores swiftly and economically using fully functional and scalable e-commerce sites developed by our technology partners. Our partners' platforms are already integrated with Delux Delivery backend delivery solutions and services.


Create your E-Store
Aramex offers you the complete solution to build and manage your online store through any of our integrated partners. 

Martjack: you can now enjoy a powerful, cost-effective, comprehensive and complete set of features to build and manage your online store, quickly and swiftly. It comes with tools that influence consumers, promote your products and increase sales. The solution is integrated with all the major payment gateways, social media and much more. 

ShopGo: you can benefit from a premier platform that specializes in MENA e-commerce. 

I established a website and I need G-Line Tch to deliver.


If you already have an established website, Delux Delivery provides you with technical solutions to get your system integrated with Delux Deliveryplatform to ease delivery of your products.

Delux Delivery offers you the following solutions:

  • •  Shipping and Delivery
  • •  Warehousing Solution
  • •  Integration and Technical Support
  • •  Value-Added Services (Cash on Delivery, Shield, etc.)

 Submit your Business Profile to get contacted by Delux Delivery representative.

Setup an G-Line Tch E-Commerce Account
In order to start shipping with Delux Delivery, you first need to setup a corporate account. After submitting your business profile below, our representative will contact you to complete your new account opening has never been so easy to start and grow your online store.With ready integration with your local payment and shipping providers and a variety of Arabic-friendly themes,

I am already an E-commerce customer with Aramex, but I want to expand.

Delux Delivery is a global brand recognized through its quality service and unique multi-product offerings. Delux Delivery understands the need to select a quality global transportation provider who can offer flexible solutions for e-commerce businesses.If you are an existing E-commerce customer, Delux Delivery now offers you the opportunity to expand your e-business and benefit from a wide range of comprehensive and customized E-commerce solutions to fulfill your different business needs.Get the Needed Technical Support Integration between your system and ours provides structured transmission of data (orders, notifications etc.); which allows your customers to make purchases and manage transactions automatically. Delux Delivery APIs allow you to connect your company’s applications directly to Delux Delivery via the web. These APIs are extremely helpful, even if you already have an online store and would like to do some more integration with Delux Delivery delivery services. If you create your website with one of our partners, your website will be automatically integrated with Delux Delivery backend

UnLimited Access Localities

The door-to-door delivery service is  available in some parts of the country due to difficult or restricted access. In these localities, deliveries can be placed and taken to the nearest or a fee can payed for extra kms and the courier will arrive at exact destination.

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